I thought I should announce this here: I’m so super excited and glad to announce that Fall in Love with Writing is now officially published! After almost two years of collecting people’s thoughts on writing, my first book is now available on Amazon. It’s only available as an ebook as I don’t have the resources to print hard […]

After six rounds of revisions I finally have a book cover – woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you like it. Now all that’s left is a final proofread/edit and then it’s off to be professionally designed. I’m hoping to publish it as an ebook on my birthday which is two weeks away. Setting myself a deadline has been […]

Last year I decided to give away $50 every month and to increase this amount by $1 every year until I give away at least half my income. This blog post explains more: Why I’m Donating Every Month. Last year, for one of the months, I asked bloggers to leave a comment about why they […]

Looks like I’ll be saying bye to The Happy Typewriter because I’ve now got myself a self-hosted blog: Words Like Silk. I’m still learning my way through it and I’m not sure if it’s any better, but it makes me take blogging more seriously. I did a terrible job of posting every day on this […]

One of my writing goals is to publish my first book on kindle by the end of the year. The year is going so fast; I better get a move on. I asked for recommendations for where to go to get a book cover designed. One of the suggestions was Fiverr. So I paid $5 […]

As a life writer, one of my goals is to write one book a year. I started two years ago and so far I’ve kept my goal. But I’ve left the book writing a bit late this year. I have six months to write a book. I’ve got a few ideas but I need some […]

My writer’s block has ended. Woohoo! I had a life coaching session and it really helped me work out what was stopping me from writing and how to overcome it. I realized I was afraid of being honest and exposing myself because people might reject me. They might not like my writing, or agree with […]